If you have telnet access to your TiVo then is can be viewed with the following commands:

cat /var/log/kernel
cat /var/log/kernel | grep <search keyword>


If you do not have telnet access to your TiVo then it can be viewed or saved to a floppy disk using nic_install (20041216 or later):

1) Boot your pc off the nic_install cd with the TiVo 'A' drive attached.

2) Run nic_install like normal using one of the following commands:

/nic_install/nic_install airnet
/nic_install/nic_install turbonet
/nic_install/nic_install cachecard

3) Choose option 9 to display/extract kernel log

4) Choose "screen" to display on screen, or "floppy" to save to floppy disk (insert a DOS/Windows formatted floppy disk).

5) Enter a search string to filter if desired. Typical strings "airnet" (airnet cards), "turbonet" (turbonet or cachecards for network entries), or "cache" (cachecard cache entries).

6) When complete, press Enter to return to main menu and ! to exit.

7) Type "reboot" to reboot the machine, it is save to turn off when it reboots.