This method now seems to be good for all versions of xPlusZ.

As things stand right now, there are issues with a CacheCard install and people depending on xPlusZ to run the FTP and Telnet daemons. Here is what needs to be changed, until the install can address these issues:

Assuming an xPlusZ enabled machine.....
Run the CacheCard install. You will then have to serial bash in or load the hard drive into a PC to make these edits in your TiVo. If you are already doing the install on your PC, then go ahead and do the edits before you put it in the TiVo. Either way, if you have access to running the CacheCard install on your hard drive, do the edits right away. This will prevent you being locked out because all of the daemon loading lines are messed up.

1. In your /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit file, the CacheCard install adds the following lines:

/bin/bash </dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3 &
/sbin/tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &

Remove them (not just comment them out). xPlusZ will load these daemons, if you have enabled them via xPlusZ remote. See the xPlusZ readme for this.

2. In the /etc/rc.d/ file, there used to be a line at the end of the file that loaded xPlusZ. The CacheCard install took this out. You need to put it back. The line is:

/etc/rc.d/rc.remote-login &

It is the last line in the file. It runs the rc.remote-login file which in turn loads the entire xPlusZ suite of daemons.

Thats all. You need to reboot, or umount the drive and take it out of your PC. Oh yes, Do NOT delete the line in your /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit:

exec < /dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3; bash --login

or something similar. This is the serial bash tty, and is needed.

Notes: If you are editing via PC, be sure to edit the active partition or your changes won't have any effect. Be sure all files are executable and there. There are plenty of places to find how to do these things, and won't be addressed here.