This thread documents the process of doing a native install of the turbonet, airnet, or cachecard drivers. This is only appropiate if you already have bash access through a serial lead or bash and ftp access through the network.


1) The TiVo contains sharp edges and an exposed power supply - take care and at your own risk.

2) It is strongly recommended that you have a backup of your tivo. You may have to use it. Creating a new backup will prevent shows from being lost if you have to restore.


1) Download the native driver zip. Driver Release - 18 February 2005

2) Unzip file and transfer cpio file to tivo /tmp directory:

Serial lead:
- Press enter to confirm bash prompt
- At bash prompt type:
cd /tmp
rm *
- ZModem upload file using terminal program

Network connection:
- telnet into tivo to get bash prompt.
- At bash prompt type:
cd /tmp
rm *
- ftp file to /tmp

3) Extract file:
- At bash prompt type:
cpio -i -F nic_install_tivo.cpio

4) Run nic_install by specifing the appropiate driver to install:
- At bash prompt type (one of):
./nic_install_tivo turbonet
./nic_install_tivo airnet
./nic_install_tivo cachecard

5) Configure network settings:
- Set the IP address to a static address appropiate for your network.

6) '0' to save and exit.
Answer yes to clear the log file (kepts is short if you need to dump the log later).

7) Reboot tivo by typing 'reboot' at the bash prompt.