Firmware Upgrade

Before using an Intersil based 802.11b network card it will need a firmware upgrade to ensure reliable operation. You will need a laptop or PCMCIA adapter running windows to upgrade the firmware.

Step 1: Install network card:

Insert the 802.11b card into your laptop and install the drivers. It will not be necessary to install the network configuration utilities, only the driver. It is usually best to avoid the auto-install on the CD and let windows serach for the driver on the CD.

Step 2: Download and install the firmware uprade utility:

The universal Intersil firmware upgrade program is available free from DLink.

This file is a self-extracting zip. Extract to a tempory location and run then run the WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe file that was extracted.

Step 3: Run WinUpdate and check the firmware version:

Run WinUpdate (Start Menu, Programs, PRISM Test Utilities, WinUpdate).

It should automatically find the 802.11b card and open it.

From the Tools pull-down menu, choose Query Firmware Version.

It should report the primary version, station version, and two filenames. The first two characters of each of the filenames identify the firmware type required by the card.

For example, "p40003c0.hex s10007c6.hex". The primary firmware type is p4 and the station firmware type is s1.

Step 4: Download the latest firmware and upgrade:

P4: P40003C0.HEX (version 0.3.0)
PF: PF010100.HEX (version 1.1.0)
PK: PK010100.HEX (version 1.1.0)
S1: S1010409.HEX (version 1.4.9)
SF: SF010402.HEX (version 1.4.2)

Under no circimstances attempt to download firmware where the first two letters of the filename is different to the first two letters reported as the current firmware version.

If you already have the latest primary version then you only need to update the station firmware.

TiVo driver installation: