Be careful, go slow, think about what you're doing before you do it... and as always, at your own risk. Pay attention to where the hand that doesn't have the screwdriver in it is. There is 110VAC exposed with the cover off. BTW, you will need a VoltMeter or Multimeter to read the voltage. Radio Shack has a digital one for about $20. Good thing to have around the house.
  1. Power the TiVo down.
  2. Take off cover.
  3. Take the IDE cable off of the hard drive (prevents it from booting).
  4. Put the red test lead of the meter in the red wired pin of the extra hard drive power connector. This is that white plug that you stick into the end of the hard drive. If you have just one hard drive in the TiVo, then one will be free. [It has 4 pins connected to wires colored yellow, black, black, and red] You want the red. This is the +5VDC line. The black test lead of the meter goes into the black pin of that hard drive power connector next to the red. This is a ground. Make sure that the two leads don't touch each other, or anything else.
  5. Turn on the TiVo. Reading should stabilize.
  6. There is a little orange pot on the power supply mobo about midway up the side of the T60, usually with a dab of blue glue on it. Take a small screwdriver and turn the little orange pot clockwise to increase voltage. Use a non-conductive screwdriver, or one with electrical tape on the shaft, so you won't short anything.
  7. Adjust to 5.1-5.25 VDC.
  8. Unplug.
  9. Replace IDE connector, remove test leads, etc. You should keep Hard Drive, NICs, Memory Sticks and Fan connected for this adjustment.