Hardware installation instructions for installing a CacheCard into a SA TiVo:

Step 1: Remove cover.

The Philips HDR112 (pictured) has three screws on the back and the cover slides back before lifting off. It may take quite a bit of effort to slide the cover back - if necessary use a small flathead screwdriver to gently prise the cover back by applying leverage to the flanges on the back.

Step 2: Take a look around.

Note and avoid the power supply. The SA Tivo is based on a IBM PowerPC 403GCX running at 54MHz. There is a PCI-like edge connector on the front of the motherboard that bonds out most of the PowerPC bus pins.

Step 3: Install the CacheCard.

Push the CacheCard into place by applying even pressure to the back of the board (this is not as easy as it sounds as the connector is a tight fit). Make sure that the board completely pushed on and is even on both sides.

Note: On some tivos there is a bit of rubber under the motherboard which may prevent the card from being inserted correctly. You may have to untwist the the motherboard locks close to the card in order to lift the motheroard slightly to avoid this problem.

Step 4 - Insert the DIMM.

Insert the DIMM, then push the back of the cachecard into the DIMM in the middle. This will ensure that the dimm is correctly seated.

Step 5 - Connect the network cable and check.

Connect the network cable and finally double check that the CacheCard is pushed hard onto the motherboard.